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How To Get Rid of Chronic Pain

How We Create Pain

Ever heard the saying ‘we manifest our own reality’? Well here’s your chance to put it to the test. Follow the simple easy steps below that almost anyone can do to achieve a painful life:

  1. Pick a body part where you already have pain. If you are unfortunate to not have any pain then pick one where you would like to create your pain
  2. Now focus on nothing else but your pain on this body part. I mean that is ALL  you think about, day in and day out. Use every opportunity you get to think and talk about your pain i.e. the postie says howdy and you launch your story…the kids ask you to play with them, you launch your story…neighbours ask you over for a Sunday BBQ, you launch your story, you get the drift
  3. Do not do anything active which involves using that muscle or body part. Stay away from yoga, pilates, walking, running, swimming, cycling, kickboxing, gymnastics and the lot
  4. Assign your household chores to others as you are in pain and anything remotely active may make the pain go away. For all the women out there this is your opportunity to ensure that household work is handed over to yours truly. After all you have been doing it for all too long!
  5. Each night before bed, have a whinge session to god about how difficult life is with having this pain

Simple enough? By following the above easy steps almost anyone can become ridden with pain today. Want to make your pain last longer? Just follow steps 1 & 2 for more than six months. With time the key supporting and stabilising muscles in your body will decondition so any exercise by chance will have no effect.

How To Get Rid Of Your Pain

If creating pain is this simple, so is getting rid of your pain. Just do the opposite:

  1. Do not think about the body part
  2. Focus on other things in your life which are functioning. Use opportunities when connecting with others to talk about happy experiences. Make it a point that any conversation you have with someone is a pleasant joyful conversation no matter how bad the situation is. You will notice a shift in time
  3. Get active! Find your passion in exercise. If you find something you enjoy then being active will be a natural part of your lifestyle rather than ‘making time’ for that exercise session which sometimes gets pushed back by other things.
  4. Lead an active life aside from formal exercise i.e. get the garden back in shape, take pleasure in doing household chores as all this is using key muscles in your body which otherwise will decondition and become weak.
  5. Each night before bed, thank god about all the good things in your life….this is called gratitude

Getting rid of Pain requires a change in mindset, if you can make it, you can break out of it. You have the power within you. Sometimes we just need some help to show us the way, the rest will take care of it self. It is time to set yourself free from Chronic pain and do the things you are here to do.

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