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Our Soul Purpose

What is my purpose? This is a question we all sooner or later wonder if we haven’t already. Is my life in line with my purpose? How do we know?

Physical health does not involve the body alone. We know from our own experiences if there is pain in the body, it will affect our mood, our energy levels and so on. Ancient Hindu texts such as the Upanishads and Vedas refer to ‘Kosha’ layers in our being. The layers are sheaths or coverings which surround our soul or the ‘Atman’.

In the book, by Christopher Sartain ‘The Sacred Science of Yoga & The Five Koshas’ the kosha layers consist of:

Annamaya – the physical body

Pranamaya – the energy body which holds the vital life force prana or qi

Manamaya – is the mental layer or the mind which holds our beliefs, patterns, thoughts etc.

Vijnanamaya – is the ego / wisdom layer which gives the sense of individuality

Anandamaya – is the bliss sheath which is often activated during meditation giving the feeling of ecstasy or bliss

Our soul, ‘Atman’ or infinite consciousness lies beyond these layers. The purpose of yoga is to transcend each layer and unite the consciousness with the infinite consciousness thus becoming one.

This is the purpose of our soul whether we are aware of it or not. We receive warnings, or signals when we deviate from the path through our body, mind and energy.

The imbalances in each of the kosha layers will present with various symptoms. For instance, there may be pain or discomfort experienced at the body. Anxiety, depression or stress experienced at the mental level. We feel low energy, lethargy or feel drained. Our ego may get in the way of what we really want, especially in relationships. We may feel loneliness and disconnected from ourselves and others.

Often we are not even aware of the imbalances. We may ignore the smaller signals until it affects our daily living. It is important to listen to these warnings and take action to address them. The symptoms are an opportunity to live in line with our soul’s purpose. Make 2019 a special year. The year we start listening to our soul.

Simran Choudhary – Holistic Physiotherapist, Certified Professional Ergonomist, Passionate about meditation and expanding human consciousness

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