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What Will You Choose?

The world is a strange place right now. This is something I never imagined to be seeing in my life. I want to share my thoughts, my feelings, my insights and my tips on navigating through this. Since, this COVID-19 situation began. I and I am sure some of you as well have gone through a roller coaster of emotions.

The world is a strange place right now. This is something I never imagined to be seeing in my life. I want to share my thoughts, my feelings, my insights and my tips on navigating through this.

Since, this COVID-19 situation began. I and I am sure some of you as well have gone through a roller coaster of emotions. I went from feeling disbelief to fearful >> anxious >> uncertain >> hopeless >> slight hint of boredom >> to a loss of purpose. I found myself being absorbed by the media and the news. Part of me recognised that whilst it was important to keep abreast to the changing situation and keep up to date on the latest information. It is also pointless to keep watching, listening, reading the news on the same topic. All it is doing is creating more unrest, fear and anxiety which is serving no purpose to me or anyone around me.

The situation also highlights that we have no control. No control over our feelings and emotions, our fears, worries, loneliness and anxieties. At times we do and at times we do not. The emotions we feel and in particular, our reactions and the response to a situation is something that should be in our control. As only then can we work through with logic and come out stronger at the other end. This is exactly what I am realising from this COVID-19 situation.

I am not an expert on viruses or our immune system. But I do know from my heart that my immune system will not be at it’s best if I in a state of mental unrest. This is a time to act without the fear, worry, anxiety and be proactive and cautious. I also know that the virus is specific to the respiratory system. So given this, aside from following the social distancing and hygiene measures it makes sense for me to keep my mental health in check and to strengthen my lungs and airways.



How do we do that? Good news is, there is one practice which will help in regulating your emotions, keeping the mind in check whilst strengthening your lungs! And that is through pranayama – the ancient yogic science of breathing.


‘Breathing is the first act of life and the last’ – Joseph Pilates


How we breathe determines the quality of the life we have. Our mental state and the physical body are both influenced by the breath. There are numerous breathing exercises which assist in strengthening our airways and the lungs. The main reason why I recommend pranayama breathing techniques is because these are devised to not only purify the airway channels but also to shift our energies so we notice changes at a mental level. Changes are made in how our minds work. For more information on pranayama and how it works please refer to the attached pdf book which explains it all in great detail.

There are many benefits of the pranayama breathing when done over a period of time. I experienced these benefits first hand after doing nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) for 10 minutes daily for two years consecutively, I had:
– Immediate reduction in anxiety
– My blood pressure regulated itself to well within normal limits
– Better sleep and relaxation
– More control on my emotions
– More mental clarity and connection to self

Most importantly I noticed a positive shift within me.

There are various types of pranayama breathing exercises. Exercises such as bhastrika are good for cleansing out the lungs and will reduce mucous retention. Nadhi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing is also a great breathing exercise which keeps our airways clear making it less susceptible to infections. You may need to use a neti pot before doing any breathing exercises to unclog the airways if they are blocked with mucous etc. You can make a saline solution by mixing a small teaspoon of salt in warm water in a neti pot. The solution is run through from one nostril through to the other by tipping your head forwards. Neti can be done in the mornings daily and followed up with the pranayama exercises. There are also various pranayama breathing apps available that can be used to learn the technique which makes it easier to do.



Aside from sleeping well, eating well and exercising which are all immune boosting. I would also recommend homeopathy during this time. Homeopathy is an energetic medicine and can be used to improve the body’s resiliency without any side effects. There are remedies available which are specific to COVID-19 and influenza in general. Please note I do not have any affiliation to homeopathy. It is something I use for myself / family and I feel it has a lot of value add especially in the current times. Please get in touch if you would like more information on this.




Once I distanced myself from the constant bombardment of media, only then I started to realise all the opportunities around me. That this is a great opportunity if you are one of the fortunate ones to have more time on your hands. I feel empowered.

An opportunity to slow things down
An opportunity to learn a new skill or a hobby
An opportunity to spend time with the family
An opportunity to be creative
An opportunity to do things differently
An opportunity to help others
An opportunity to look into our health
An opportunity to reflect
An opportunity to learn about ourselves, our strengths, weaknesses, our gaps
An opportunity to work on our gaps
An opportunity to connect with ourselves
An opportunity to discover our happiness
An opportunity to evolve ourselves
An opportunity to have a different life

Everything that I am experiencing, is what has always been there however I have been ‘too busy’ to address it. Well now is the time to address it. This is a time to observe ourselves. Observe our reactions and responses so we are not swept up by the emotions. The COVID-19 crisis has brought out a lot in people. A lot of fear, anxiety, loneliness but also a lot of courage, kindness and love. Some of us are lucky to have an opportunity right now, what will you choose?


Simran is a holistic Physio who is passionate in helping others. Simran uses techniques of mindfulness with pilates to create a change at the mind and body. 



Prana and pranayama


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