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What Will You Choose?

The world is a strange place right now. This is something I never imagined to be seeing in my life. I want to share my thoughts, my feelings, my insights and my tips on navigating through this. Since, this COVID-19 situation began. I and I am sure some of you as well have gone through a roller coaster of emotions.

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What Is The Best Sleeping Posture?

Waking up with pain or stiffness more in the morning is usually an indicator that your sleeping posture is not right. The best sleeping posture depends on a number of things. Your own unique standing posture, any medical issues (e.g. sleep apnea will make it difficult to sleep on the back) and injuries will have an impact on which position to sleep in. However there is one simple rule to follow when sleeping.

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How To Fix It?

As another year ends, it is an opportunity to reflect on our achievements, our shortcomings, and set goals and resolutions for the next year. For some, this can be an over whelming process. There are some problems that we seem to be carrying over from year to year and it may feel like you have tried out almost everything and yet it is still there. How do I fix it?

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Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

A weak pelvic floor is a common occurrence that I come across. It affects 1 in 4 in the population with many more as a lot is undetected or not reported. Pelvic floor weakness can be a cause of a range of health issues such as incontinence, vaginal pain, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, organ prolapse. It can also be a contributing factor in chronic back and hip pain where the weak pelvic floor does not stabilise the pelvis. Although the occurrence is more common in women, it can present in men as well.

There is confusion on how to engage and train these muscles so I hope the information below will serve as a guide in correct training of the pelvic floor muscles.

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Natural Ways to Manage Pain

Natural ways are quite effective to manage pain at home. Anti-inflammatories and painkillers are great for short term use. Especially when it means we get more function. However, there are side effects with long term use. I want to share some tips for pain relief that are natural and without any side effects. These are my go to tools for myself as well as when I am treating clients.

Aim of pain management is to mainly reduce the inflammation and improve circulation so the body can restore and heal. The strategies below are for managing the pain triggers related to muscle and joint pain.

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Our Soul Purpose

What is my purpose? This is a question we all sooner or later wonder if we haven’t already. Is my life in line with my purpose? How do we know?

Physical health does not involve the body alone. We know from our own experiences if there is pain in the body, it will affect our mood, our energy levels and so on. Ancient Hindu texts such as the Upanishads and Vedas refer to ‘Kosha’ layers in our being. The layers are sheaths or coverings which surround our soul or the ‘Atman’.

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The Power of your Breath

Did you know? You can control how you feel by your breath? You can change your pain by your breath? You can change your perspective by your breath…Our breathing is vital not just to sustain our life but to maximise our quality of life. Each breath you take in, you are providing vital oxygen to your body and mind. The body gets rid of the waste with each breath out. The quality of your breathing determines the quality of your mind.

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