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Mindfulness Therapy

Stress and anxiety exacerbate symptoms of pain. Mindfulness techniques relax the mind and the body. This reduces stress and anxiety which is effective in the management of chronic pain. We provide mindfulness therapy in Perth.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is your awareness of the present moment without the chatter of the mind. Simran is the only Physiotherapist based in WA, Perth, who incorporates the practice of mindfulness alongside standard Physiotherapy care. When you are in the state of mindfulness, you experience the moment for what it is without any judgements or commentary of the moment. Mindfulness decreases mental and physical stress on your mind and the body.

What is Mindfulness Therapy?

This type of therapy utilises our focus and awareness to bring about a change in our body. Often in chronic injury or pain there is a disconnection between our awareness and the body which results in inefficient use of muscles and more wear and tear on the body. Mindfulness Therapy uses the approach of mindfulness to bring your awareness back to the body to build new pathways and correct movement patterns. The goal of the therapy is to reconnect with our deeper stabilising muscles and to strengthen these connections, this changes the recruitment pattern of our muscles which can bring a positive change towards recovery.

Mindfulness therapy is used in conjunction with other modalities of treatment such as traditional Physiotherapy techniques, rehabilitation, exercises etc. to facilitate recovery towards injury. This technique will be used in discretion of the therapist as not everyone may benefit from it.

How can mindfulness therapy benefit me?

Mindfulness therapy strengthens the connections of the deeper more stabilising muscles in your body. The stabilising muscles in our body function to:

  • support our skeletal system – posture
  • stabilise our joints
  • work for longer durations and the muscle fibres fatigue less

Hence, the benefits of this type of therapy are many from good posture, preventing injury, recovering from chronic pain, preventing re-occurrences, improving sports performance etc.

Is this meditation?

Meditation is directing and focusing your awareness towards a chosen object such as your breath, candle flame etc. It can be a form of movement meditation where the object of awareness is the body or a particular muscle in your body. Essential oils, breath awareness techniques may be used in the session to facilitate being in control of your awareness without the distractions of the mind.

How can mindfulness therapy assist in pain relief?

Mindfulness therapy strengthens the supporting muscles in your body whilst practising mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety. Mindfulness reduces the perception of pain as it intercepts the pain messages going to your brain via the nervous system.

Please contact us if you are after mindfulness therapy in Perth.