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Physiogap is a National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS physio provider. This is a national program which ensures that people with a disbility, their family and carers get the support they need to optimise quality of life for the person with a disability.

As a NDIS Physio provider we ensure that the service is individualised to the person with a disability to meet their goals which will enhance their quality of life. We believe in a person centred approach where therapy is centred around meeting the individual’s goals and needs in collaboration with the family and the carers. Each therapy program is specific to the individual and can include pain management and treatment, functional training, mobility assessment and re-training, specific exercise programs to increase physical capacity or meet specific goals of the individual. Specific therapy goals may include improving mobility, function, introduction to sports and other physical activities to support the growth of the individual.

We believe in using a holistic approach to connect the mind with the body. We do a unique therapy program which incorporates mindfulness with Pilates. Pilates based program can be very beneficial as it corrects the physical imbalance within the body, improves posture, promotes recovery from injuries, reduces the risk of injuries and increases strength and function. This has the added benefit of further enhancing quality of life for the individual. We strive to always progress the individual’s function and capacity for optimum health. We aim to connect the individual back into the community to perform activities that they enjoy which will further promote their overall health and well being.

Physiotherapy is an essential service where the individual’s specific physical function and capacity is assessed and an individual program set up to meet their goals. The program ensures to not only meet their current goals but to forsee and prevent any physical complications which may arise in relation to the individual and the disability.

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